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Amma Magi is my new name since autumn 2010. I am not adding a new identity but rather becoming who I truly am, God in form. The time is obviously ripe. You can follow my earlier story on my website:

While I am getting to know myself better as Amma Magi, I will share my thoughts and experiences in this blog. Life is becoming a celebration - and I want to share my joy.


DiaryPosted by Marie Norlen-Smith Thu, July 14, 2011 13:05:22


14th July. French Revolution – once upon a time. Liberty! Yes, let’s have FREEDOM …

Early morning I step with naked feet onto my terrace, raise my hands and pick sun-ripened grapes. Nature is wonderful!

A yellow butterfly flutters by as I drink my morning coffee. Not sure of its direction, it tries all.

From the school desk a hot summer’s day, while the teacher is lecturing Greek grammar, I hear the neighbouring chickens running riot.

Shade, the most precious of all things Greek, wherever you can find it.

A promenade along the water-front as the sun is setting. Suddenly voices are lowered, eyes gazing towards the pinkish-red sky – in wonder.

Skype-camera focusing on family life back home in Sweden. Evening as bright as daylight. Grown-ups and children gathered around the veranda table, playing cards. “Hello Amma! What are you doing?” I am sitting here in the dark (10 pm) with my dog, sweating in the heat.

Summer is like an Open Door to Heaven on Earth.

Yes, what am I doing? “Once More With Feeling …”, a study course with Toni Elizabeth Petrinovich.

Dedication to Lars Wolf (1936-2011), the poet I never was but he will forever be. His book “Above All, Mani – A Collection of Poems and Pictures” in collaboration with John Phipps (excellent photographer) is now released. Contact me for details.

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