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Amma Magi

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Amma Magi is my new name since autumn 2010. I am not adding a new identity but rather becoming who I truly am, God in form. The time is obviously ripe. You can follow my earlier story on my website:

While I am getting to know myself better as Amma Magi, I will share my thoughts and experiences in this blog. Life is becoming a celebration - and I want to share my joy.


DiaryPosted by Marie Norlen-Smith Mon, October 03, 2011 12:06:14


3rd October 2011

Yes, for whom am I living my life? Who is the beneficiary of my thoughts and actions? Does it really matter what I do?

How I interpret the world depends on my own self-empowerment. Victim or master? Every day I am being bombarded with other people’s thoughts and ideas of what is right and wrong. Now I am practicing discernment. What does my inner wisdom tell me? From that perspective I am integrating with the world because we are all One.

Meanwhile I am available for workshops at the Spirit of Life Center here in Greece. Just contact me on or Kerry on and register your interest. I offer one-to-one intensive coaching or dynamic group sessions. The subject: Create the Song of your Soul through creative writing and storytelling. Check out

I will end by sharing a recent message I received:

“Earn a living doing what you love,” said the Master.

“But it’s going to be risky,” sighed the student.

“Being one’s Self involves no risks. Being one’s Self is the ultimate truth. Anything else is a deception,” the Master replied.

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