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Amma Magi

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Amma Magi is my new name since autumn 2010. I am not adding a new identity but rather becoming who I truly am, God in form. The time is obviously ripe. You can follow my earlier story on my website:

While I am getting to know myself better as Amma Magi, I will share my thoughts and experiences in this blog. Life is becoming a celebration - and I want to share my joy.


DiaryPosted by Marie Norlen-Smith Thu, March 08, 2012 12:47:24


8th March, 2012

As a healer, I come into contact with wonderful souls all over the world, seeking healing, understanding and insights into their challenges. They all share their stories and I learn something from each one.

I realise that I am not just a healer, offering service, but I am also a “listener”. Sharing our stories, our concerns and experiences, make us all heal and grow. There is no healer in the end and no patient as we more or less put up mirrors in front of ourselves to see who we truly are. We just need a trigger, a catalyst to set in motion our own inner knowing.

Often our worst fear is not believing in ourselves, our potential and magnificence. We seek permission from authority. But we are our own authority when it comes to our own lives, our Soul’s plan. How can we ask someone else about the subject closest to our hearts – our own purpose for being?

In his book “Your Soul’s Plan – Discovering the real meaning of the life you planned before you were born” (translated into many different languages), Robert Schwartz shares his research into many real life stories about the lessons we choose to learn through difficulties and challenges. Once we become aware of our soul’s infinite existence and our own planning before each incarnation, we will look at life with greater compassion.

It is time to open our “egos”, tell our stories and then release them to the universe. Maybe we do not need them any more? Ask yourself what you really want to do to be of service in these exciting times of The Shift!

Today is the International Women’s Day. Enjoy!


Amma Magi