Amma Magi

Amma Magi

About me and this blog

Amma Magi is my new name since autumn 2010. I am not adding a new identity but rather becoming who I truly am, God in form. The time is obviously ripe. You can follow my earlier story on my website:

While I am getting to know myself better as Amma Magi, I will share my thoughts and experiences in this blog. Life is becoming a celebration - and I want to share my joy.

The Dance of Life

DiaryPosted by Marie Norlen-Smith Thu, November 21, 2013 18:20:07
Life is overwhelming me and I allow it to do so. Letting go of control.

There are some wonderful moments like this one - visitors to Mani making me dance. We are in Greece after all. Even my little dog is joining the fun.

Love to all,